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Welcome to our one-stop creative coop! Whether your ideas fit on a page or need to fill an entire room, we’ve got the goods to give it style. Working with you to get there is part of the fun. Check us out


Our Design Process


Take a look around and find out why our clients can’t get enough Rooster.

  • FECA


    Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography, Portfolio, Print Collateral, Web Development

  • UT-Wire


    Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography, Print Collateral, Web Development

  • Urban Floor

    Urban Floor

    Brand Identity, Photography, Print Collateral, Video, Web Development

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point

    Brand Identity, Interior Design, Packaging, Photography, Print Collateral, Video, Web Development

  • Sager Notebook

    Sager Notebook

    Photography, Web Development

  • UrbanOG.com


    Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography, Print Collateral, Web Development

  • Ace Alloy Wheel

    Ace Alloy Wheel

    Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography, Print Collateral, Video, Web Development

  • PotaUSA.com


    Web Development

  • Alpine Quartz

    Alpine Quartz

    Photography, Web Development

  • Red Arrow Wheel

    Red Arrow Wheel

    Packaging, Portfolio, Web Development

  • Utopia



  • Massimo Motor

    Massimo Motor

    Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Web Development

  • Tomax USA

    Tomax USA

    Photography, Print Collateral, Web Development

  • Able Closures

    Able Closures

    Photography, Web Development

  • Icured



  • Sunline Industries

    Sunline Industries

    Packaging, Photography

  • Miaroma




We’re a versatile bunch. The diversity of our clients and their very different needs are what keep our creative juices flowing!

  • Web Development

  • Print Collateral

  • Branding

  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Online Marketing

  • Social Media

  • CGI

Exactly what we’re capable of:


est. 2003

Our fireworks; your party.

We’re driven by design, but your product always comes first. With a team of multi-talented visionaries who have seen over a decade of changes, we can keep your brand looking fresh and feeling relevant. We dream about making things look good, and our happy clients keep coming back for more.

Meet the Roo-stars

So who’s responsible for all this magic? Wizards are often hard to come by, but we are lucky enough to have nine of them on our designer dream team. Say hello to the crew:


We are here!!In 2011 we opened our studio to the public in Chino, CA., and have delivered award-winning work for respected companies and brands ever since. We are independent, inspired, and multi-lingual; We are here to communicate your product to customers and punctuate your success with style.


Our most precious resource is the fierce creativity from the individuals who make our company run, and we take every measure to ensure they have the most effective tools available to get the job done. Our artists aren’t afraid to invent solutions to the problems that changing times inevitably present. Get in touch with us today, and stay classy!

Eager to get started? So are we! You can drop us a line in the form below, or put our phone manners to good use and give us a call. We roosters are never flighty.

5403 Daniels St., Chino, CA. 91710

Phone: 909-627-0101 Fax: 909-627-0199

Email: info@roostercreatives.com

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