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Ace Wheels


THE Story

For over a decade, ACE ALLOY has been developing, engineering, manufacturing, and distributing aluminum wheels worldwide. Since our inception, their goal has been to provide the highest quality wheels, excellent customer support, and the most innovated styles. ACE has continued to develop their business into many other sub-brands, including AMF, Red Arrow, and Bavar Racing.

As one of our longest tenured clients, ACE Wheels has been a cornerstone relationship for Rooster since its inception. Since the start of the relationship, Rooster has been able to work with ACE to stay consistently ahead of its competitors in regard to visual identity, branding, and product marketing. Because of their trust in our ability to plan, build, and manage content creation, we’ve been able to keep ACE at the forefront of their market.

With consistent growth and strong branding, ACE has been able to create other branches for their business to target different demographics and expand their reach. To this day, Rooster and ACE continue to work together to maintain a standard of quality that is honest, deliberate, and beautiful.

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