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Exus Shutters

Exus Shutters

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THE Story

Exus Shutters has been in the window treatment industry for over 15 years, delivering quality, custom window products to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. The company has implemented a rigorous 38-point quality control inspection in crafting and manufacturing its own products to not only ensure the highest quality shutters but also to cut out the middleman to offer these shutters at a more-than-affordable price

As one of the smaller-scale businesses in the industry, Exus Shutters has been holding its own in running with the big dogs. However, in the recent years, the company owners decided they didn’t want to be running behind these businesses forever, so they began to make plans to compete against them.

Just like our partnership with Boiling Point, what started off as a one-time project deal with Exus Shutters to redesign its website has developed into a relationship built on trust and reliability that continues to grow to this day. We have been entrusted with mapping out the company’s entire marketing strategy as the first steps in becoming a potential threat and serious competitor to the larger companies. Together, with the industry expertise of the Exus Shutters team and the creative, strategic minds here at Rooster Creatives, we are dedicated to growing the company’s brand and are excited to be a part of the future of Exus Shutters.

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