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THE Story

FECA is an international brand with stores all around the world, including countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, Japan, and more. Experiencing healthy growth, FECA could be found in more than 200 locations in high-end department stores throughout Asia by 2014.

We began our partnership in 2014. FECA's goal was to make their entire brand available in the United States as early as the following year, in 2015. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to most efficiently and effectively introduce their product to a completely new marketplace. Although their product was widely popular in markets in the East, there were a lot of complications regarding a general skepticism of suction cup products in markets in the West. Our goal was to increase brand awareness through educating consumers about the products, while also enhancing every single customer touch-point through top-notch designs.

We first started off by creating a website that was modern and attractive by design as well as user-friendly and easy to navigate. This worked especially well because the cost of displaying products at small booths in department stores in the US compared to department stores in Asia was too high. Not only were we able to showcase FECA’s entire product line to the entire nation in one centralized location, but we also were able to do it in the most cost-efficient way possible. Through this website, we distributed original, educational content created by our team, such as instructional videos and lifestyle shots, and became the fastest growing e-commerce site on Shopify at the time.

What We’ve Made

  • Retail Packaging
  • Digital
  • Photo

Retail Packaging



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