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Nine Stars

Nine Stars


THE Story

The Nine Stars Group was established in 1999, having patented motion sensor technologies for trash cans. Since then, the company has grown, establishing themselves in China, Canada, Europe, and the United States. During that time, Nine Stars continued to develop products highlighting their unique sensor technology. While this helped them to grow, something was missing.

The problem was their brand strategy. Prior to connecting with Rooster, Nine Stars struggled to build a strong brand identity and had issues of inconsistency throughout their customer touch points. The product was designed to be considerate and responsive to the end user, but the brand strategy didn’t echo the sentiment. This is where we were able to step in.

We worked with Nine Stars to rethink their product organization, marketing strategy, and visual identity. Throughout our working relationship, we were able to elevate their brand identity with proper product photography, complimentary aesthetics, and product management. While we could have simply given their business a facelift, we wanted to address the deeper problems their brand faced and helped to set them up for better long-term success. Today, Nine Stars continues to serve their customers and remain strong.

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