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Tokyo Wako


THE Story

With food quality and menu offerings that rivals any Japanese Teppanyaki establishment, Tokyo Wako has been an industry leader since the early 1990's. Patrons of Tokyo Wako always return because of the friendly service and top-grade ingredients. However, their brand presence wasn't equal to their culinary repertoire so they enlisted the help of Rooster.

Our approach? Help Tokyo Wako become the brand it deserves to be, increase sales, and further develop brand recognition by making an impact on all customer touchpoints from the dining to the online experience and everything in between.

Their philosophy is "The Grand Style of Japanese Table Cooking" which means no stone is left un-turned in terms of service and experience. We felt there was no other way to communicate this than by putting the food first. We focused on food photography, styling, and post-production to further enhance the look and turn-out mouth-watering images.

What We’ve Made

  • Photo / Video
  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Marketing

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