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THE Story

Tomax has been a leader and a significant player in the promotional products business for over 25 years and counting. By always being two steps ahead of the game, the company leads the industry not only in terms of technology and design but also in terms of production and manufacturing. By utilizing their primary factory, which deals directly with retail, Tomax has been able to produce retail-quality products to ensure its clients are giving the best to their customers.

However, with higher quality comes a higher cost. There were other companies selling similar products at a cheaper price, but at the expense of quality, reliability, and also safety. The challenge that Tomax faced was getting consumers to see that the quality of its products outweighs/justifies the slightly higher prices. That’s where we came in.

We wanted Tomax to be known for its high quality and reliable products, not for their higher prices. We were able to visually showcase the quality of Tomax’s products, as well as make them desirable, through the use of lifestyle shots. As one of the first ones to incorporate lifestyle shots within a product catalog in the promotional product industry, we created a huge impact for our client. With this project, our partnership began, and we have continued to service and maintain their brand since 2004.

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